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Noble Data Systems has been providing information managment consulting services since 2003 and has a cumlative experience of over 24 years. Though Noble Data Systems has a recent focus on business strategies and information management, there are other areas which the consultancy can provide value add. This would include such imperative services related to Data Qualty, Data Integration, Data Stewardship, Data Governance, Service-Oriented Architecture, and Business Process Management.

In addition, Noble Data Systems brings a wealth of knowledge across many industries, such as, Manufacturing, Retail, Grocery, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Financial Services.

CEO & President - Kerry Dano

Mr. Dano is the spirited leadership behind Noble Data Systems and brings together several years of experience in working with companies to develop their business and information technology strategies. Over his career, Mr. Dano has worked for several Forutne 500/1000 organizations in senior and executive roles ranging from Software Architect, Chief Technology Officer, Deputy CIO, Executive Consultant, and Client Director. Within such senior roles, Mr. Dano worked for Volkswagen, IBM Software Group, Owens-Corning, Delphi, Cemex, Church & Dwight, Dominion Resources, AT&T, Florida Power Coproration, General Electric, and Westinghouse. In addition, Mr. Dano has numerous years of experience within Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Retail, Grocery, Consumer Packaged Goods, Utilities, and Financial Services.

Mr. Dano works with individual business sponsors and stakeholders to articulate the successful transformation of new business requirements (with respective Strategy & ROI) into actionable and achieveable tasks to be carried out in conjunction with information technology without losing value during the translation.

Since founding Noble Data Systems, Mr. Dano has focused his tenured experience on the development and adoption of business strategies which appropriately align stakeholders, business sponsors, and executive leadership across geographic, cultural, and functional disperse groups. Specifically, Mr. Dano develops and prescribes different information technology adoption regiments which enable organizations to successfully leverage internal resources, evolving technolgies, and integration of best practices within the context of information management. It is known that one solution, strategy, and approach does not fit all organizations, since the respective cultures of each organization is unique.

If your organization would like to leverage the deep and broad experience of a trusted advisor to your organization, then please feel free to contact Mr. Dano here.



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