Over the years many organizations have created data in a multitude of segmented and isolated processes spanning numerous functional areas, geographies, and operating groups. Much of this data traditionally resides in application systems spanning the enterprise with little to no consideration for how data gets utilized and consumed by derivative systems and business processes.

It is this data which many companies base their financial reporting, business operations, and eventualy decision making upon. Even if an organization were to successfully integrate respective data across information systems, wether by manual or ad-hoc integration processes (as many companies do), the resulting information provides inadequate or low-quality data. Unfortunatley, there is no one tool, process, organization, etc. accountalbe for adhering to standardizing data development and data quality processes.

In order to help clients address these data development and data quality challenges, Noble Data Systems has designed, developed, and implemented a proven and repeatable information management methodology. This methodology provides organizations an effective method to incrementally adopt various aspects of uniform and consistent information management best pratices.

Noble Data Systems proven methodology has assisted many Fortune 500/1000 clients in developing their Centers of Excellence (COE), Data Governance Organizations, Data Steward Functions, Master Data Management Strategies and Implmenetations, and Business Intelligence Inititatives.

If your organization requires a proven approach to address challenges associated Data Quality, Information Management Processes, and Master Data, then please contact us.


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